Your Floral Design Process 

We have worked with enough clients to know that planning an event can be a little bit overwhelming.

We are a team of visual artists and planning professionals that will gently guide you through this process in a engaging, organized, and approachable way so that you can fully relax and trust that we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the steps we'll walk you through to keep the process as light and simple as can be:


Introductory Consultation:

After you contact us, we’ll set up a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you. For full-service inquiries we will schedule an in person meeting near our studio in Wallingford or a skype appointment.

For studio pick-ups & elopements we’ll set up a phone consultation at a time that is convenient for you. 

During the consultation, we’ll get to know one another, discuss your desires and inspirations, and determine what level of services you might be interested in.

In preparation, We will likely ask you for three inspirational photos to get the design conversation going. 


Floral Visioning & Booking Process

We’ll follow up your consultation with an initial floral vision document prepared just for you including all of the creative details that we discussed. Each element will be itemized so that you can prioritize design components for your event. 

After you have had a moment to sit with the initial floral vision and our contract, you can reach out to discuss how you would like to achieve your ideal floral vision paired with your budget goal. 

We include one pre-booking floral revision for our clients.

When the revision proposal is sent, you will also be given the opportunity to book us by approving the floral vision & contract electronically and providing payment for the booking retainer of 50% of the total floral invoice.

Upon booking, we will likely schedule a site visit if we have not previously worked at your venue. This service is covered by the project management and client service fee in your floral vision document.

If for some reason, you would like more than one floral proposal revision or a site visit before booking with us, you can pay our hourly rate this service.

After we’ve received your signed contract, floral vision approval, and the booking retainer you are officially on our calendar.

Hooray! You hired the best! Rest assured you are in good hands with our talented team. 



Client Care and Correspondence:

After you've booked with Thatch and before our final check-in 30 days prior to your event, feel free to keep in touch as you figure out additional details for your day.

As we continue to revise and perfect the floral vision, we will send you electronic approval requests along the way so that our shared floral vision and timeline is up to date.

You can get in touch via email, text, or phone to discuss floral vision updates.  We also encourage you to use us as a resource as much as possible for referrals & hosting family tips, and travel plans.

Our best days for correspondence are Tuesdays & Wednesdays. This service and time is covered by the project management and client service fee in your floral vision document.

During wedding season, our non-urgent correspondence dedicated office days are Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 - 5:00.

Thursday - Saturday we are in the studio making gorgeous events come to life and we give our full attention to the creative process. 


Spring/ early Summer Check-in:

we will schedule a follow-up meeting over the phone, to further suss out any remaining details regarding your floral vision and supporting elements such as installations, vase choices, and candle options.

We will then revise your floral vision, until it is perfect for you. 

We will also send over a logistical questionnaire so that we’ll know the specifics of your day's timeline, locations, family members, and vendors. Based on this questionnaire we will create an informed schedule for our delivery, setup and cleanup plans.

We aim to have all spring, summer, and fall events for the current year completed before our busy season starts on June 1st. That way, our clients we serve during the wedding season can have our full attention the week of their event.  


Final Payment & Logistics Check-in: 

Prior to 30 days before your event, we will send out the final floral vision for you to approve along with final payment request.

This is also the last opportunity for your flower order to be tweaked before we put the flower into the farmers' care. 

Event Day

On the day of your event, we’ll arrive on time to install flowers & décor in combination with your other vendors’ schedules.

Because of all of the planning we’ve done together beforehand, our setup will be fun and relaxing.

We are known for our calm & zen team approach to wedding days. 

Our timeline will provide plenty of time for the lead designer from Thatch to style photography opportunities and for our staff to ensure that every petal is in its proper place for you and your guests to admire.


All photos by Anna Peters Photography 

All photos by Anna Peters Photography 

Consider booking us Early:

Because of our quality of work, popularity, and artistry, we are in high demand and our calendar fills quickly. We strongly suggest that you reach out to us at least six-to-nine months in advance.

If you haven’t already, head over to our inquiry page as soon as possible and kindly fill out our form with whatever information you have so far.

This will help us get in touch with you right away regarding availability for your date, and it will allow us to send you pertinent information on the services we offer.